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Here's the real talk details ...


Your WWWFS (that’s shorthand for Weird and Wealthy Womens Finishing School) starts with you taking the Sacred Soul Archetype test to determine your primary and then your secondary archetype.

Next you will complete the Be Seen Be Heard Be Paid Handbook which walks you through unwrapping your gift or purpose and writing your LIFE STATEMENT and details numerous ways in which you can be seen, be heard and be paid as a gifted change-agent including scripts, cheat sheets and more. This also includes processes to help you connect into and communicate with your soul self and the Universe (ie. provider energy in the LOA) and create your desired lifestyle.

Then you get booked in for your one on one session with me in which we discuss your archetype, your giftedness and purpose and determine the small daily action/s (from the handbook) that you are going to commit to taking daily.

At the beginning of the 28 day month (always on a Monday) all members and Anne gather on zoom and we celebrate the start of this 28 day journey by sharing our action and time frame and getting clear on how to use the accountability system, membership site and FB group.

The accountability component of the program is rather unique in that each day you report on your action and answer some coaching questions. I will then offer feedback, coaching and guidance etc.

From time to time and likely once a month I will be inviting one of my coaches / mentors or experts in specific business, healing, life, spirituality, relationships etc. areas to join me in a conversation to share their expertise with you.

Every 28 day month there will be a live gathering on zoom for all members to ask me (and All-That-Is) anything and receive coaching, guidance, healing or insight.

Every day I will be available in the Facebook group to answer any questions.. again, about anything as this is about full daily support of you and your purpose / gift.

At the end of each 28 day month if all the requirements are met you will be awarded a prize.
Requirements are * daily accountability completed at least 4 days of each week (can be any days and must be reported within 24 hours of the day ending) * participation in the FB group through supporting other members answering member questions as well as asking for coaching and support for yourself, when and if required.

Prizes may include access to my online programs, masterclasses etc., special exclusive Masterclasses, complimentary tickets to events held by me, one on one sessions for healing, guidance etc. and other prizes as determined by myself each month.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS for all members – the 13 cycle 28 day month planner (pdf) with rituals, routines and daily practices to help you step into your sovereign power and purpose, keep you on track and get you starting, continuing and finishing your purpose project/s.

GUARANTEE: If you use all the tools, processes and steps that are available to you in the program ie. daily accountability at least 4 times per week, community gatherings and FB group to access support and coaching and do not reach your agreed to outcome, you may request a full refund. *conditions apply.

HOW MUCH? The full price for the 13 month program is $3,250 (payment plan available)

Want to be guaranteed to have Anne as your coach? As one of the first 16 members (only 5 places left) you are guaranteed to have me as your coach/mentor/guide for the duration of your membership. In the future I will be bringing other coaches on to assist with the daily accountability, coaching and FB group.

PAY IN FULL BONUSES – pay for your first 13 cycles $3250 (that’s only $250 per cycle) and receive
* a CORE WOUND RELEASE private session of approx. 90 mins (usually sold for $397)

As soon as you join and pay you will redirected to the private Facebook Group.

The current 28 day cycles started on 31st December 2018 and will remain open to new members until 9th January 2019. Cycle 3 starts on 28th January 2019 (and stays open to new members until 6th February 2019. We reopen for 10 days at the beginning of each new 28 day cycle.)

Upon completion of your first 13 cycles you can choose to continue your membership and all the coaching, accountability etc. on a month by month basis at the same low price you sign up with today.

Are you a VIP? Take it to the next level with Gold Service

As a Gold Level VIP you will also access 3 months of Unlimited Laser Sessions for coaching, guidance, healing etc. at anytime (conditions: you must complete any agreed to homework before booking your next session). Sessions are 15 minutes in duration via live zoom meeting room.

Here's exactly what you get ...

WHEN YOU JOIN you will immediately receive …

The Sacred Soul Archetype test to know your primary and secondary archetype to help you know and connect with your true self (soul self).

The Be Seen : Be Heard : Be Paid Handbook packed with tools to find your gift / purpose and souls mission, write your Unique Life Statement to keep you on track and immune to SOS (shiny object syndrome), fears and procrastination, Design your authentic life exercises and prompts as well as cheat sheets, scripts and more so you can take action on being seen and heard so you can be paid by your soulmate clients.

Private 1:1 Session with your coach to complete your Sacred Soul Success Map.

Group Zoom meeting to start the 28 day cycle and share your goals and action steps with the community and gain support and collaboration.

THEN you will receive ...

DAILY accountability, mentoring, coaching, guidance and insight from your Coach through the unique WWWFS accountability program (you’ve never seen this before).

DAILY community, support and collaboration in the private Facebook group.

WEEKLY office hours Q&A post in the Facebook group where you can ask your questions to receive coaching, support, guidance and healing from your coach.

MONTHLY community gathering on zoom where you can receive one-on-one time with your coach to mastermind, receiving healing, guidance and coaching.

MONTHLY guest experts to help you with your business and life.

MONTHLY incentives and prizes for your active participation and commitment to your goal which may include time with your coach, events, discounts etc.

WOW.. this membership really is taking care of all your needs in business and life!

and for only $250 per 28 day cycle


Are you a VIP? Take it to the next level with Gold Service

As a Gold Level VIP you will also access 3 months of Unlimited Laser Sessions for coaching, guidance, healing etc. at anytime (conditions: you must complete any agreed to homework before booking your next session). Sessions are 15 minutes in duration via live zoom meeting room.

Copyright : Anne Aleckson 2018

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