I’ve been contemplating this Rumi quote in light of what is going down in many parts of the World right now.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.” Rumi

My conclusion is that
The field he speaks of is SOURCE.
The grass is LVE
That is where I want to meet you.
That is where I want to meet the World.
That is where I want all humans to meet the World.
That is where we must meet the World and her people NOW!

Facing our individual shadow as it contributes to the collective shadow is now work we must be focusing on. Our world is going into crisis and we, the World’s people, must start the crisis management. We the World’s people must lead the change.

Anywhere you feel and/or show hate for another human being for any reason needs to be healed, not tomorrow but TODAY!

Face that shadow within you and then you can powerfully face the shadow of the human race and invite it to be healed.

Your hatred for the oppressor only adds to the larger collective shadow.

Every time you respond to an extremist oppressor (or any other human being) with hate you simply add to the collective hate that is shadowing our divine World.

Yes, keep the memory of your oppression. Yes, acknowledge it. Yes, speak of it to others. Yes, continue to demand your oppressors acknowledgment. Yes, do what you need to do in order to heal that hurt and then emerge more powerful and take your place in the line of defence against any further oppression of any race, colour, religion, sex or sexual preference. etc.

Remember too that you cannot heal the collective ‘intolerances’ by picking and choosing what you can tolerate.

If you demand complete acceptance from your oppressors (whether that oppression is your skin colour, your religion, your choice of sexual or marriage partner or any other kind of oppression) then you must step into complete and radical acceptance of your own oppressors and the oppressors of other people, all other peoples who are being oppressed.

Bring  to your heart and lead from there.

Let there be peace in the World, and let it start with me!

Where can you heal hatred within you? Where are you the oppressor, where are you the oppressed? I urge you to do the work around this energy within you, through whatever processes that will assist and come fully into your higher heart, the heart that carries the compassion of Christ Consciousness.

Where can you speak out loudly and peacefully against oppression, hate and divisiveness. Where can you stand up peacefully for the man, woman and child in front of you who is being oppressed, bullied and targeted. Where can you lovingly and peacefully stand up for yourself against your oppressor.

Let’s come together in a powerful stand for LVE

Let’s meet in the field that Rumi speaks of,
let’s lay on that grass
and contribute to that full World.