Look it’s not complicated alright!

It’s not as hard as you seem to be making it.

It’s a Universal law…you don’t need to force it to work for you.

It’s working for you anyway.

You don’t need to manipulate it.
You don’t need to cajole it.
You don’t need to beg it’s good grace for yourself.
You don’t need to force it.

It’s simple really.

1. You ask
2. It is given (by whom? Well we can talk about that another time)
3. You receive

You recieve
You receive
Did you hear that? YOU RECEIVE

So your only job is… TO RECEIVE

I didn’t say your only job is to…
go and work your backside off
try to figure out how to make it happen
spend your days bemoaning the fact, to all your friends and on all the social media, that you are trying to make it work for you and…

It’s not working!

Your only job is to …


and receive what you have asked for

and what IS being given to you…

through ideas
and insights
and the words of another
and flashes of inspiration
and synchronicities
and any of the hundreds of other ways that your asking is being answered

Your only job is to OPEN TO RECEIVE
and remembering

that you are the physical manifestation of all that is
you are the universe made manifest

You, the greater YOU always answers
always gives you what you ask for
It is the law.

You, the human you, needs only to
by leaning into it
and receiving
what comes!

With grace
and appreciation.

You ask
It is given
It cannot be any other way.

© Anne Aleckson Australia’s Leading Channel

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