I had a friend ask me today why she was not able to manifest a job in the past year and go on to explain that she needed a job to make money to feed her children. She was bemoaning the fact that the law of attraction was bullshit and did.not.work!

I shared with her the true creation process which is often referred to in mainstream as the Law of Attraction.

Here’s what I said

“Ok, so here is the thing. #1 You are the physical manifestation of Source / the Universe / God or whatever you call it.

Creation step 1 – You ask. As the physical manifestation of the U, you get to ask for whatever you want and the non-physical (spiritual) aspects of you all come running forward to assist you.

I have it on good authority from the group I work with All-That-Is that a big problem with humanity as we step into our spiritual side is that we believe that we are at the beck and call of spirit when it is the other way around, they are here to serve us so that we can serve the World and its evolution.

Hint: be of service and be in gratitude for what you are asking for as though you already have it.

Creation step 2 – It is given.. as I said the non-physical aspects of you all come running to deliver to you what you have asked for.. the real thing you’ve asked for not the thing you believe you must have in order to get what you really want ie. a job.

You believe that a job is the source of your income and that is just not true.. you are the source of your income / financial abundance

Creation step 3 – you’re only job is to receive. You must not be attached to how you will receive ie. it may not come in a job.

So if you are the physical manifestation of the non-physical all that is (and you are indeed), you are powerful beyond measure and thinking you are less than that keeps you from seeing the gifts that are given to you.

Inspired Ideas, jobs that look different than what you think you need, offers of help, all manner of ways that Source communicates with you. Your job is to be so aware of those communications and to immediately ACT on them without questions, without self-doubt and without fear.

So, if you are not manifesting or creating what you need in order to live your best life you need to bridge the gap between who you currently believe yourself to be (powerless) and who you truly are – the perfect divine physical manifestation of Source (powerful).

Bridging the gap = healing, facing the shadow if necessary, raising your vibration, #MYOV and being in service to your purpose (and to yourself, your clients, your family and friends.. the World).”

Remember, You are the physical manifestation of all that is..start acting like it!


Anne Aleckson
Australia’s Leading Channel
Transformational Speaker, Writer and Content Creator

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