The Butterfly Effect

The path to fulfilling your souls mission
while creating a rich and meaningful life
AND changing the World.
You have a dream to change the World

A cause that seems to bleed red from your heart,

That thing you know you are here on this planet to do

BUT it’s not quite as clear and compelling (to you and to others) as it needs to be

so that you can start on the journey of your true purpose path

gathering the people, opportunities and resources

that will help you to stand up in your World Changing Leadership

avoiding all the exciting shiny objects and distractions (that won’t serve you)

and get on with being the change you want to see in the World

You know it and I know it

is the answer you’ve been asking for
(and you know the Universe never says no to you!)

The Butterfly Effect is the life changing spiritual and personal growth experience that will see you create change within yourself that will have you impacting the World with your unique mission by ...

  • taking a quantum flight into your future self – YOU v 2.0 who is on purpose as a conscious leader and creating change in the World, in your own unique and powerful way. Not in some distant future, but NOW!
  • becoming the Master of your own energy frequency and releasing all the karma drama, struggle and stress.
  • receiving crystal clear clarity on your souls mission (direct from your soul) and creating a compelling mission statement that you can use in your marketing and to keep you laser focused and immune to procrastination, distraction and shiny-object-syndrome.
  • stepping into a life of complete and total trust and reliance on your souls voice or intuition to guide you along your purpose path for the rest of your life (no more scrambling to figure it out OR those late night visits to whoever is doing tarot card readings live on Facebook (am I right!)
  • becoming more confident than ever when it comes to knowing how to attract your ideal clients, collaborators, resources (including cash) and mad opportunities to share your World changing philosophies and work more widely


  • creating a business and a movement (if you want to) that fits into your lifestyle and showcases your authentic presence (no more following someone else’s strategic moves!)

Hi, I’m Anne Aleckson and I’d like to give you a brief intro to me so that you know that I know what I’m talking about here. I have had my own butterfly effect experience and today I live and breath my mission, it’s a part of every cell in my body and after years and years of trying to ‘be the change to see the change’ I truly believe that I’m on my purpose path and doing what I was put on this planet to do at this time.
I’m a spiritual channel, an intuitive empath, a transformational author, speaker and healer and
I’ve been working with clients to help them reach their potential for over 7 years now.

I was given my souls mission about 7 years ago and I’d been trying to make sense of it, and fit it into my
business and lifestyle ever since. 
My mission is World peace though inner peace, one person at a time (and it starts with me) and as part of my mission I am entrusted with the duty of helping other agents of change like you to fulfil your true soul purpose, to embody it and to create a life that provides you with every opportunity to change the world…in your own unique way.

Now, let me tell you what you will experience during The Butterfly Effect experience. Scroll on, my friend.

The 3 phases of your transformation

Phase 1 : THE LIGHT

You’re not new to this first phase of transformation, in fact you’ve probably spent much of the last few years raising your vibration, facing your shadows (when you weren’t spiritually bypassing them), releasing your blocks and finding all the metaphysical reasons you can’t tap into your true soul purpose in the way you know it should be – supported and easy where all the clients, collaborators, resources, knowledge and opportunities simply appear before you. Just like the caterpillar, you’ve been devouring all.the.things to fill the emptiness and give you the strength for the next phase of your journey.

Phase 2 : THE DARK

You’ve had your fill of the light work, you’re now ready to truly meet the dark within, to take the journey into the dark belly of the beast and slay the biggest dragon of them all. You’ll journey into the dark where you shed who you have been and who you think you are in order to re-emerge as you were always meant to be.. on purpose, lit up, fearless and free! The caterpillar slows and builds it’s chrysalis, a safe space to shape-shift into the beauty it is now ready to claim and become…it’s true souls purpose!

Phase 3 : THE FLIGHT

Emerging from the dark chrysalis you carefully stretch your wings out and allow them to dry, planning your quantum flight into a life of true souls purpose – you know your highest mission and you are ready to do what it takes to bring it into the world in order to create a life of meaning whilst fulfilling your reason for being. You take off on your quantum flight and become YOU v2.0 – every step you take led by your mission and your souls voice or intuition, magically manifesting all the clients, collaborators, resources, knowledge and opportunities to serve your highest purpose.

Sounds great, doesn't it!

Well let’s get to the nitty gritty.. what exactly does THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT provide?


The completion of your shadow work and healing
* 1 x 1.5 hour private 1:1 session to complete your transition into higher self

* Aspectology – the philosophy of inner personalities training
* Go Direct with your Soul activation and training
* Divine Union of the Inner Twin Flame activation and training


The deepest work is done in the dark.
* Final release of your energetic addictions
* Energy Alchemy training to become an Energy Master
* Your Souls Mission and your true purpose activation and training
* 1 x 45 minute session for guidance, support and mission insight
* Defining your souls Mission Statement and calling in the clients, collaborators, supporters, resources, knowledge and opportunities on your Purpose Path


Get ready to spread your wings and fly with
* Embody YOU v2.0 activation and training
* How to be OMNIPRESENT so that you become the go-to expert on your area of purpose
* Soul Sales and Marketing Mastery – how to get others to support your mission (clients, collaborators, investors, media etc.) includes scripts for market research, sales calls as well as marketing ideas and how to’s.

Here's how we'll do it...

You and I (and all our non-physical aspects, guides etc.) will connect weekly for 12 weeks of intensive inner work and you’ll receive access to each weeks training module on the member site and via email.

You will receive one on one guidance, insight and healing with Anne during
1 x 1.5 hour Core Wound Release session and
1 x 45 minute Embody Your Mission and Activate your Purpose Path session
10 private sessions with Anne for extra support, guidance, coaching and healing

Got Questions? Check out the FAQ below.

If your question is not answered below and/or you wish to discuss the program further
click here to book a free consultation with Anne
When does the program start, I need more details.

This is a 1 on 1 program. After you pay you will receive a coaching agreement to sign off on and a link to book your first appointment for the Core Wound Release session. All program details will be discussed with you at this time including booking of your weekly sessions.

Do you have another payment plan available?

Yes, we can organise a payment plan for you if the pay in full option is not for you. Click on the link above to book in and speak with Anne to discuss further.

How do I access the live trainings and private sessions?

All live trainings and private sessions are help on zoom. Details to access are given in the program members site.