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Holistic Bliss Magazine Featured Article

media Aug 03, 2019

I have been quietly keeping a little secret since December 2018 when the lovely editor of Holistic Bliss magazine Vanessa invited me to be a cover story in this months issue.

The excitement was building as I spent time with the feature writer and experienced the super star treatment of hair and makeup and photo-shoot.

You can read the full magazine online at

I think it's a step forward for all of us who do this type of work when we can be featured in magazines and get really real about what we do.

PS - I had to do a whole lot of work around being 'seen' in the lead up to this magazine coming out and I will absolutely be sharing more about that in coming months. I had no idea how much 'hiding' I've been doing and I know this is also a major problem for so many highly gifted friends.

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