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Do you need to protect yourself when doing spiritual work?

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2019

I don’t believe it’s always necessary to psychically or energetically protect yourself. I believe in raising, minding and embodying your highest vibrational frequency.

If anyone tells you that you MUST perform a protection spell or process whenever you are using your spiritual gifts or innate abilities so that you don’t attract negative or evil (bad) energy, take a beat before going into fear and use your intuitive skills to discern if this is true for you.

Here’s why.

When you work diligently on raising your vibrational frequency and focus on always minding your own vibration and then BE in the World as your highest vibrational self, any energy of a lower frequency cannot be present in your field.

When I first started working with All-That-Is I knew this.

And yet, when I started to go out into the world and share my work at psychic events etc. I was continually told to

😈 close my crown chakra and
😈 chant protection prayers

… before, during and after any connection took place.

Not by people who knew me or knew my work but by complete strangers, most who were in the spiritual field.

And for a time, I took on this belief too.

I was new to the whole ‘spirit speaking through me’ thing and many of them had been having experiences since they were very young.

They must have been right, right!

No - as it turned out, they were not right. At least not for me, and maybe not for you either!

In fact, me taking on this belief led to me shutting down to my purpose for a time.

You see, I am here to create my own reality and I’ll bet you are too.

We’re not here to take on other people’s beliefs, conditioning or vibrations, but to

1. Raise our vibe
2. Mind our own vibration, and
3. To take our vibration with us wherever we go, whatever we do.

In this way we BE and then LEAD the change we want to see in the world, through our presence, essence and frequency - embodying our divine frequency.

Now, it’s not easy this raising, minding and becoming our divine frequency but it is a journey worth taking.

It takes a daily willingness to –
• Transcend your human conditioning and unlearn everything
• Go into the dark when required
• Become a true creator of your reality and examine every belief you’ve ever had
• Speak your truth even when your voice is shaking
• Be of service to your purpose
• Master your inner energetics and live in the paradox
to name just a few of the requirements.

If you want the real and raw truth about what it really takes to transcend your current reality (3D) and to embody your highest frequency so that you can be, do and have more as you lead the change you want to see in the World, stick around.

If you’re just looking to fill your newsfeed with people who tell you what worked in the last century or even just the last decade, I don’t think you’ll like me in your newsfeed – we’re taking this into the 2020’s and beyond, from 3d to multi-dimensions.

You coming ? 



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