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2020 Activated Empowered Women will Rise

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2019

It started out a normal day like any other.

Walking into my office I prepared to perform my daily 'portal' practice.

This is when I sit in meditation, energetically align with my manifestation portal (which is also my cosmic travel vehicle), create cohesion between my heart and head, fire up my very own personal toroidal field and get on with magnetising myself to my desired reality for the coming day and the more distant future.

But this day was different. On this day I had an unexpected visitor with a powerful and timely message.

Before I share that message I want to tell you about my visitor that day.

She is called Galaxy (she speaks it differently than you or I would).

I remember the first time we met... actually the first time she spoke through me.

She showed up at my very first live event where I'd invited 8 people I knew, who I thought might be accepting of my thus far 'hidden' gift in channeling non-physical wisdom.

We'd spent 2 hours together, the group and I and we'd taken a break for lunch before we were to continue on.

All-That-Is had been on fire with guidance and insight and messages flowing fast in response to the questions we were receiving.

When we went to resume our session for another two hours, I felt a shift in the energy as it came through, it was no longer All-That-Is.

Something much more feminine was present and wanting to speak through me.

A message was shared and a guest asked the first question - 'Who is speaking with us'.

The answer came out of my mouth as glixy - or at least that's how it sounded to me.

Galaxy, as this energy came to be known days later, continued to share guidance and insight with us before All-That-Is returned to close the event.

A few days later, as I sat at my desk at my workplace and chatted with a colleague who had been at the event I found myself writing out G L X Y .. and then she spoke again (through my claircognizance) 'put your initials in' and so I did - G A L A X Y and in that moment she showed herself to me in colour and images and I understood in that moment who she was.

Galaxy has since confirmed that she is the galactic (cosmic) feminine, the energy of the collective feminine in all space and time - the feminine to the masculine All-That-Is.

After that first appearance, Galaxy has shown up rarely and only during channeled work with private clients.

So, to cut a long story short, as I came out of my 'portal' practice that day late last week, there Galaxy was, and she had a message to share with me.. and a message to share with you.

To me she said .... 'the Enlightened Changemaker movement that you've been bringing through in the past weeks is coming from me, through you, it is a movement that is coming through you from the cosmic feminine for those you work with, it is time to lead women into their full spiritual empowerment."

She went on to, quite forcefully, demand that I start sharing it now and told me the first step in doing so.

And so, it is of course my reason for writing this post, writing to you my clients and friends.

Galaxy and I have been creating a once only masterclass to be held on the very first day of 2020, with the purpose of activating your full feminine empowerment and to assist you to step into the new year in a new way - as an embodiment of the feminine frequency.

I will channel the Cosmic feminine energy of Galaxy and bring through a message for 2020.

We will activate the cosmic Goddess energy within you.

We will share our 'portal' process for manifestation that will take your creation ability to the next 'out of this world' level and we will answer your questions.

The directive from Galaxy is that she will be here to activate EVERY.WOMAN I can get her in front of because 2020 is YOUR time.

Join us.

Note: When paying please add a note with your preferred email address
to receive the Masterclass link to join on the day.

If you cannot join the live activation you will be provided with the replay and the energy work and activation will be just as powerful because Galaxy and I play in the multidimensional field of one-ness where there is only now.





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