Transformational Speaker

and Australia's Leading Channel

Giving a Voice to the Power Within

Anne Aleckson has the innate ability (some call it a spiritual gift) of direct voice channeling and uses this skill to act as a clear channel for the highly evolved non-physical streams of consciousness as they speak through her to provide not just information but also transformation through the vibrational frequency of the spoken word.

Together they will assist your audience to unlock their super-conscious minds and their own innate abilities so they can be and purposefully lead the change they wish to see in the World.


"I call her Australia's Esther Hicks of Abraham-Hicks fame (Esther HIcks is a Hay House Author & world renowned channel of the Abraham group)"

Shirley-Anne Joy

"The time with Anne was priceless! If I was sitting in a room with Esther and Abraham, I know that I would not be able to have the same amount of access that I had here"

Audience Member

"Channels such as you are rare, and you are rare because of your ability to step out of ego. You are source in flesh. Your purpose, your mission is important!"

Lisa Turner - Channel of No-One-Guide, UK

Anne has presented at ...

Mind Body Spirit Festival - Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne throughout 2017

Go Festival (Womens Expo & Conference Melbourne as the featured presenter

Conscious Life Events Networking

Discovery Expo 2016

Womens Business networking events - approx. 20 presentations on various topics

Love Fest 2016

Soul TV Expert - Soul TV & Platform

Spiritual Churches in Queensland

Mind Your Own Vibration monthly meet-ups


"I was lucky enough to have Anne speak at an event I held last year and to say she had the audience captivated is an understatement. Despite the noise from the venue, and plenty of other distractions, I did not see 1 person of the 45 ladies there who did not have their eyes on Anne during her presentation. Usually phones are out, people are checking social media and not really listening, but Anne had everyone transfixed. I think if she had spoken for 2 hours rather than the 40 minutes we had allocated, the outcome would have been the same. I highly recommend Anne to speak at any event where minds and hearts are open to receiving such fabulous information."

Suzanne Butler

"When Anne takes the stage you know that you are in for a unique experience, something very special. Anne channels her guides which she refers to as, “All that is” to pass on messages to her audience directly from the spirit world. She does so in a gentle and compassionate way, in a simple manner which is both easy to understand and absorb. Allowing audience members to ask direct questions to the spirits provides visitors with a very valuable and personal experience. Anne is a genuine and unique person who is dedicated to helping people and is very generous with her gifts and very supportive of her followers."

Susan Dibbs
Go Festival, Melbourne Women's Expo and Conference Organiser

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