To Infinity and Beyond!

Beyond what you think and believe you know about
yourself and everything else is your Activated SuperSelf.
Release your past and leave your limited self behind
as we unlock your unique genius so you can manifest your pure potential to be, do and have it all, on your own terms.
I'm in! Give me the free SuperSelf Activation now!

Your life is too precious to waste.

Living in drama, struggle and lack is no fun.
Don't be held back!
You are here for so much more.

You deserve to live a life you love.

On purpose, sharing your gifts, following your souls calling and leading change in the World through your unique purpose and gifts.

Guidance Sessions

Join Anne and the non-physical guidance group All-That-Is to receive clarity, insight, guidance and healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels as we raise your vibration and tune you into your SuperSelf.


Super-Self Academy

Join the SuperSelf Academy to receive a monthly activation and embodiment process that will assist you to step more fully into your SuperSelf alongside a like-minded community of high vibe friends


Multi-Dimensional You

Activate the multi-dimensional you as we upgrade your operating system so that you can learn to transcend the human condition and become the change you wish to see and lead in the World as an Enlightened Changemaker


Hi, I'm Anne Aleckson

Transformational Speaker- giving a voice to the power within you.

I help busy people to manifest and channel their unique and powerful genius through quick, simple and practical super-consciousness and spiritual practices so that they can be, do and have it all, without the need for more self-help courses and healing sessions, using my Ultimate Power Framework.
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