Mystical MasterMind Membership

Monthly Live Online Event

If you are on a flight path to your evolution and ascension and all you need is a guiding hand to help you navigate the occassional turbulence join us monthly for a live webinar with open Questions and Answers.

This is not your ‘ordinary’ MasterMind though so be aware!

During each monthly webinar Anne will use her innate ability to step outside of her conscious mind, open her super-conscious mind and invoke your own Higher Self and your personal guides along with the MasterMind of All-That-Is and invite them to collectively provide guidance, insight and healing through the vibrational frequency of the spoken word.

Who is All-That-Is.. well it’s not so much a who as a what! 

All-That-Is is a highly evolved non-physical stream of consciousness group that includes many known religious figures, spiritual Masters, Angels and Guides as well as beings of the Cosmic light realms of other time and space dimensions. Just a few of our regular non-physical friends are:

Galaxy – the Galactic Goddess representing the divine cosmic feminine

The Surgeon – energy healer clearing emotional, mental and physical hurts

Seth – our main guide and teacher focusing on helping you to step into being the creator of your reality and to MYOV (Mind Your Own Vibration)

Dav’id – Anne’s Higher Self

Jesus – installing Christ Consciousness and opening your heart

So what does this mean for you? Each month you will be given access to step into a whole new way of being through tapping into a higher perspective around whatever current situation you find yourself in around your life, love, purpose, work, business, relationships, money and more. You will be offered guidance and insight as well as a vibrational upliftment to lift you beyond the human condition and to heal your emotional wounds so that you can live a turned on life.

You can also use the opportunity to ask the bigger questions around world events and how to ascend into a world of peace and prosperity – transcending war, homelessness, hunger and lack.

You will leave each MasterMind call with a more finely tuned frequency and your deepest questions answered. You may also receive healing as required.

You will be invited to join the closed Mystical MasterMind Facebook group for further discussion and Q+A following each months call.