Imagine owning your next dimension power and healing your life as you welcome in more money, magic and your divine purpose ... every single day!

Dear divine mystic woman

I love you and when I look at you I see how perfect you are.

I also see how disappointed you are in yourself that you haven’t yet stepped into your power and claimed the life that you’ve been told is rightfully yours as a spiritual and free sovereign being. 

I see you struggle over and over again… fighting the feeling of lack as it creeps into your life more and more every day as you see the evidence that you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, young enough, old enough…just never enough. 

I catch glimpses of you as you flit between knowing yourself as all that is and knowing yourself as less than that while trying to hold onto your mantras and positive affirmations in fear of falling back where you came from.. that older life of financial lack, love lack, purpose lack, all over your life struggle and lack.

I see you in your perfection and I know sometimes if you just squint your eyes the right way and hold yourself a certain way that you also see your perfection but it’s hard to hold on to that image for long before it returns to the reality of your imperfect life.

You’re lost and don’t know how or where to find yourself again. You’ve been struggling and hiding it for so long you don’t even know who you are anymore.

You cry alone at night for all your lost dreams, you’ve been trying for way too many years now to make them come true and every step along the path you’ve been confronted with roadblocks and potholes that have made it more difficult than it needs to be. 

You’ve watched your friends, your colleagues and even your own clients reach dizzying heights of success and you’re left wondering what you did wrong, what you must have done wrong in this or another lifetime to have karma bite you so hard on the backside that you feel like giving up and retreating to the dark of your inner cave with your wounded child. 

But hey, you’ve had some success along the way. It’s been hard fought but you’ve won. It felt yucky but you swallowed back the bitter aftertaste of having to be your divine feminine self in a hard masculine world. 

You’ve even had some love along the way…it wasn’t easy but you did love, you did lose, you did get up and do it again. You’re ready now to truly feel the deepest love connection with your partner and to feel the joy of true divine companionship again.. but this time you’ll do it different, you know so much more and you’ve started to learn the importance of self-love to living a good life and loving a good partner.

You’re ready to again light that fire in your heart and take another stab at success…on purpose, in playfulness, in love and life and absolutely in your financial life – you are ready to rock your divine mystic self in all your super-powers and your delicious magical ways. 

You’ve tapped into your intuition and feel there is so much mystery there to unpack but who has the time to meditate and tune into their divine power when there are clothes to wash, family to feed and work to be done.

You’ve caught a glimpse of what life looks like when you are fully connected to your higher self and channeling through amazing and life changing insights and guidance but you long for a deeper connection that doesn’t turn off when you are tired after a long day, a connection that walks beside you offering whispers of encouragement to guide you on your journey at all times.

You know how important it is to heal your past so you can create your future, you’ve done the work and yet you are still frustrated that the work never seems to end.. more hurts, wounds and beliefs show up every day as you are left pulling your hair out in frustration and muttering ‘when will enough be enough, when will I have done enough cleaning out of my demons, when does all the inner work start to reflect in my outer world’.

And yet, here you stand.. ever hopeful, ever persistent, always striving for that place you know is just out there ahead of you – that place where you are rich, successful and happy.

Ever hopeful of some peace from all the negative voices in your head…your mum, your dad, your siblings, your first love, your primary school teacher.. all the people from your past who influenced the beliefs and thoughts you have been living with your whole life and that you have based your self belief around. 

Hopeful that one day you will stand in front of a mirror and be finally able to look right into your eyes and say ‘I love you’ without any flicker of disbelief.

Hopeful that one day you will hear a different voice in your head. A voice that says ‘you are amazing divine mystic woman, you are powerful beyond belief and you are changing the world with your presence and your purpose’. 

Hopeful that one day you will stumble upon the ‘easy’ path where life flows as though being created right out of your visualization, dreams and imaginings… as though all those things you’ve heard about the easy and lucky life are coming true for you.

Where lack is replaced with abundance and doubt is replaced with an unwavering courage and confidence that feels oh so natural to you now.

Today is that day divine one, I am that voice.

Your time has come and it starts now!


At this point you are probably wondering who I am and how I could know you so well.

The thing is.. I was you!

For far too long I was stuck in the ‘dark night of the soul’ and even when I had woken up I still seemed to be living more in struggle than flow, more in lack than abundance and more in fear and un-self-love than anything else. I say living in, but it was more like NOT LIVING! Do you know what I mean?

So hello…I’m Anne Aleckson – Australia’s Leading Channel and CEO of Mystery School for Women.

I am the direct voice channel or medium for the highly evolved, non-physical stream of consciousness known as ‘All-That-Is’ who provide guidance, insight and healing through the vibrational frequency of the spoken word.

In my early 40s and as a single mother I had a spiritual awakening and eventually heeded the call to do my souls work in the World…and then things got very interesting for this previously spiritually unaware, business suit wearing woman.

I started my own heroines journey of finding myself and my magic, moving into the ‘unknown’ world, going deep into the belly of the beast and experiencing my dark nights and waking to my rewards…and that’s when all the trouble started!

You see, even with the magic of having my own incredible non-physical team to work with I could not get unstuck from continually back tracking through this phase of my journey… tests of my faith, dark nights of the soul, finding the reward and falling back again.. I just couldn’t cross that threshold back to freedom.

After many years of blood, sweat and tears (more tears than anything else) I finally let go of all the trying and let myself be guided ever so gently to the road back and I brought with me the multi-dimensional mysteries to share with you.



  • Activate your higher truth and come into full divine alignment with your purpose and passions. Wake up with excitement and a new zest for life every day!

  • easily and quickly heal your past wounds and emotional triggers for rock steady courage and conviction to walk a clearly defined path to your World changing vision.

  • create a divinely guided blueprint for your juicy and soul-fuelled high frequency life and business.

  • light up your souls pure potential and it’s mystical gifts and start living your magic right here and now.

  • claim lucid laser clarity about your divine purpose and ditch playing small by invoking infinite possibilities for you, your loved ones and your clients.

  • have a faith in self that is so inspiring you are totally turned on by the woman you are becoming (and so is your partner)!

  • shut down struggle town and move to manifesting like a MOFO as you own and use your magical mystical powers…without apology.

  • open your super-conscious mind to receive 24/7 high level guidance on demand for practical and useable real world insight and evolved guidance.

  • unlock your ancient magic alongside your futuristic sorcery to serve your soul purpose and inspire transformation through your personal presence.

  • and to be initiated into the Mystery School for women Top Secret Zero Point Energy Technology  for ascension, manifestation, creation and more from beyond time and space…evolve at the speed of light and become a true multi-dimensional being of the infinite cosmos.



30 minute private GALACTIC LIGHT FREQUENCY HEALING session

30 minute private CHANNELING session with All-That-Is

Weekly Group Zoominar Hotseat Q+A and teaching




Teaching #1 Vibrational Frequency Assessment and Creation Blueprint – raise the roof on your vibrational frequency, become a manifestation magnet and create a divine blueprint for your life.

Teaching #2 Disempowerments – release your past, clean out your emotional triggers and attune to the frequency of peace and calm so you can finally and completely stop being triggered by outside influences and your environmental circumstances. 

Teaching #3 Empowerments and Connection – Install next dimension belief systems through your super-conscious mind and learn to connect and communicate with your higher guidance for 24/7 practical and useable real world solutions and insight into your purpose and how to serve your clients, community and the World.

Teaching #4 Soul Purpose and Business Alignment – Lock onto your souls purpose and start manifesting it into reality for income creation and your World chaning future. Includes Aligned Business methods for creating magical services, authentic marketing and soulful sales.

Teaching #5 Full Potentiality – Awaken your innate super-powers of creation as you become your fully empowered super-self with advanced healing abilities, manifestation magic, mind bending and mind reading capabilities and more – the LIMITLESS YOU!

Teaching #6 Ascension – Ground your ascended frequency into reality as an evolved Sovereign multi-dimensional being and celebrate your initiation into the Freedom Frequency.


INCLUSION in Anne’s daily connection and communication ritual in the energetic presence of the non-physical All-That-Is for daily frequency upliftment, energy clearings and channeled messages

VALUE: $7,000

DIRECT ACCESS to Anne and All-That-Is for guidance, insight and answers to your every day questions in the private Facebook group [Monday to Friday office hours]

VALUE: $5,000


* Next level teachings

* Frequency Activations, Divine Initiations and Higher Guidance downloads

* Guided Visualisations and Meditations

* Mystical Mantras and Ascension Prayers

* High Vibe Empowerments

I've worked with Anne as my business coach for 3 months and my business and spiritual growth has expanded and niched beyond what I had thought possible. Working with Anne is being in the safest place you can imagine to be your true soulful and 'weirdest' self. My consciousness and heart have expanded working with Anne and I've dropped the fear of showing the world who I truly am. I am forever grateful.
Rebecca Gibson

Being in the presence of Anne and her energetic friends is such an honour. Not only is it extremely fascinating, it is also an enlightening way to receive a shortcut to perfect wisdom for life and business. She channels her crew of high vibrational beings directly through her voice which is a fabulous thing to be involved with.
Anna Shelley

Anne's work is truly something spectacular, her ability to hone in on what you need to know now always hits home. I don't trust many people with my soul work because it is something I honour and cherish. I trust Anne wholeheartedly because her gifts are profound, her knowledge runs deep and she is a true conduit to infinite intelligence.
Renee Mayne

This program puts me right there with you daily

walking you home to your next evolutionary level!


IMAGINE owning your next dimension power and healing your life as you welcome in more money, magic and divine purpose every single day.




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