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for magical women on a mission

Imagine owning your next dimension power and healing your life as you welcome in more money, magic and your divine purpose ... every single day!


“Remember the days of the old schoolyard, we used to laugh a lot.
Oh don’t you remember the days of the old schoolyard,
when we had imaginings and we had all kinds of things and we laughed and needed love,
yes I do. Oh and I remember you”
– Cat Stevens



Do you remember the days of the old schoolyard?

Those days when you had no troubles, all of your life was taken care of for you…you were fed, clothed, schooled and loved.

And then, you grew up. You were urged to fly free and take your place in the World.

You got your first job…maybe the first of many and you got on with living life just like the rest of the people in the world.

But you didn’t feel free did you? Tied to someone else’s schedule, squeezing all your living into those 2 days at the end of a tiring and stressful week!

And then the dream came, the constant drum beat in your heart and in your head…this knowing inside that there must be more, that you were made for something bigger, that you didn’t have to die with your music still inside you and that life wasn’t meant to be this hard.

You were right! There is more and it’s waiting for you inside the gate of a new schoolyard.

Whether you’ve taken the leap into a new way of being or if you are still dreaming about the sweet possibility
Mystery School for Women is the answer.

Meet me behind the gym at lunchtime and I’ll tell you all about it!


At this point you are probably wondering who I am and how I could know you so well.

The thing is.. I was you!

For far too long I was stuck – in a life that wasn’t working and a business that was not creating joy or income and even when I started to wake up to the truth about life I still seemed to be living more in struggle than flow, more in lack than abundance and more in fear and un-self-love than anything else. I say living in, but it was more like NOT LIVING! Do you know what I mean?

I had a dream to change the World.. I was given my mission statement of ‘World peace through inner peace, one person at a time’, I knew I had the gifts inside me to help my ideal clients achieve inner peace so they could go ahead and change the world through their own gifts.. while making money and having a great life BUT no matter how many courses, coachings and trainings I took I was unable to tie it all together.. many times feeling like I’d wasted money to find another way it WOULDN’T work for me.


Then everything changed. I tapped into my mission in a new way and started to see how I could take my place as a world changer.. and how you can too!

So hello…I’m Anne Aleckson – Transformational Speaker and CEO of Mystery School for Women. As a direct voice channel or medium I create transformation through the vibrational frequency of the written and spoken word with the assistance of my highly evolved, non-physical guidance team ‘All-That-Is’.

In my early 40s and as a single mother I had a spiritual awakening and eventually heeded the call to do my souls work in the World…and then things got very interesting for this previously spiritually unaware, business suit wearing woman.

I started my own journey of finding myself and my magic, moving into the ‘unknown’ world, going deep into the belly of the beast and experiencing my dark nights and waking to my rewards…and that’s when all the trouble started!

You see, even with the magic of having my own incredible non-physical team to work with I could not get unstuck from continually back tracking through this phase of my journey… dark nights of the soul, bankruptcy and near homelessnes more than once (yep money was my kryptonite), divorce and heartbreak.. I just couldn’t cross that threshold back to freedom and sovereignty.

After many years of blood, sweat and tears (more tears than anything else) I finally let go of all the trying and let myself be guided ever so gently to the road back and I brought with me many multi-dimensional mysteries to share with you.



You’re gifted and you dream of being the change you wish to see in the world and facilitating that change within your ideal clients, while creating income with ease.

You are working super hard on your spiritual and personal development and your money mindset and it’s still not paying off because deep down you still feel like you don’t know enough.

You are doing ‘all the things’ in your business, you’ve worked with all the high end coaches and marketing gurus and you’re still left feeling inauthentic, overwhelmed and OVER IT!

You’ve been raising your vibration since you first learned about the law of attraction and The Secret but you still haven’t been able to create your dream life.

You are embracing your giftedness and have so much to share with the world but you haven’t figured out how to really be seen in a crowded marketplace.

You are ready to take your life and business to the next level and you feel called to march to your own beat, make money and shine your light into a world that is crying out for change and a little bit of that magic only you can bring!

Only problem is you aren’t sure exactly how to get there whilst doing it in a way that feels authentic, real and right for you!


Stop searching divine mystic… I’ve got you!

I've worked with Anne as my business coach for 3 months and my business and spiritual growth has expanded and niched beyond what I had thought possible. Working with Anne is being in the safest place you can imagine to be your true soulful and 'weirdest' self. My consciousness and heart have expanded working with Anne and I've dropped the fear of showing the world who I truly am. I am forever grateful.
Rebecca Gibson


  • come into full alignment with your souls mission and your life purpose

  • raise your vibration and learn how to mind your own vibration so you stop being dragged down by outside influences

  • step fully into your own unique multidimensional super powers so you can be the change and create the change

  • make more money and create more impact so you can serve your purpose whilst living a great life

  • create life and business through balanced flow and hustle so you can ditch the stress and drama

  • be led by inspired action and your higher self so you never walk alone

  • stay aligned with your unique vision and World changing message so you can change the World, one ideal client at a time

and all with your like-minded mystical sisters, then

is for YOU!

What exactly is Mystery School for Women?

Mystery School for Women is a 90 day program that is designed to help you manifest money, magic and mission by invoking your soul and it’s super-powers while providing a safe space for you to learn, grow, connect and have your hand held as you walk your unique and authentic path to success.

It is a program for Mystics and Spiritual entrepreneurs, lightworkers and World changers ready to step into the next dimension of mission, message, magic and money whilst creating change in the World.



Vibrational Frequency Assessment and Creation Blueprint.
Raise the roof on your vibrational frequency, become a manifestation magnet and create a divine blueprint for your life


Find out what your true souls mission is and why you are the perfect person to fulfil it through your life purpose. Learn how to manifest your mission and purpose into the World changing mission that it is.


Within you is great magic…those ancient, current and futuristic gifts that you are born to give in service to your ideal client and the World, 


Release your past, clean out your emotional triggers and attune to the frequency of peace so you can finally and completely stop being triggered by outside influences and your environmental circumstances. Then, install next dimension belief systems, open your super-conscious mind and learn to communite with your non-physical aspects.


If you had just a minute to deliver your world changing message to the world and to your ideal client, how would you word it, how will you deliver it and where will you share it for the greatest impact. 


How do you package up your gifts and deliver them to your ideal client and to the World. In this module you will learn how to package and promote your gifts, services and world changing ideas with impact and so that your ideal clients are excited to buy from you.

You will graduate with

* a clear vision for your future

* connected to your soul with an open
super-conscious mind

* cleared of your past and ready to create a new future

* a strong connection to your purpose and how to
share it with the World

* a plan of action to take your mission and deliver it to your ideal client…and create income

* a deeper remembering of your magical gifts that create change in others

All within a private Facebook group, putting Anne and All-That-Is right there with you.

Walking you home to your next evolutionary level!


This is profound radical next level life and business ascension and

like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Anne's work is truly something spectacular, her ability to hone in on what you need to know now always hits home. I don't trust many people with my soul work because it is something I honour and cherish. I trust Anne wholeheartedly because her gifts are profound, her knowledge runs deep and she is a true conduit to infinite intelligence.
Renee Mayne

Being in the presence of Anne and her energetic friends is such an honour. Not only is it extremely fascinating, it is also an enlightening way to receive a shortcut to perfect wisdom for life and business. She channels her crew of high vibrational beings directly through her voice which is a fabulous thing to be involved with.
Anna Shelley

I thought I had booked in for a guidance session with a women who was very spiritually aligned. As the session progressed I realised the full extent of what Anne offers in her work and I was happily blown away. Anne and the team can see what the real issue is and offer a way forward.

Lisa Wells – The Angel Writer