Divine Mystic : Lightworker : Earth Angel : Spirited Entrepreneur


You Are Cosmic. You are gifted.


But if you can’t heal your money relationship & learn to create a new financial reality
you cannot step into your highest potential, you can’t serve your divine purpose
and you will not create the impact that you know you are here to create…

you won’t get to change the World through your sacred work!




You’ve got gifts that will change the World (or just your world).


You’ve done the inner work (a lot of it, anyway!)


You have big dreams of the impact you will create.


REVEALED – How to transcend your money struggle and stress and become a
who flows through life manifesting your mission, making money and changing the World
(or just your world)

This is where your struggle ends Divine Mystic.

Take a moment and go within…

Imagine stepping away from your daily money stress and struggle
and into the quiet peace of your life of sacred wealth, financial freedom
and divine sovereignty over self.

It’s possible… not in some far away future but RIGHT NOW!

Shift from ‘victim of your circumstances’ to ‘cosmic conscious creator’.

No more drama. No more uncertainty. No more ‘out of control’.

YES to fired up financial mastery and high end living.

It’s time for mystic women to rise.

The scarcity and struggle has got to end if you want to ascend to your divine sovereignty.


Want to learn how to step out of struggle from someone who has vibrationally shifted
hundreds of clients globally, and personally worked through her own financial
disempowerment and poverty mindset (with her non-physical friends All-That-Is)?

I can’t tell you how incredible the journey has been …
from being sick, broke and almost homeless (twice) to becoming an
on purpose high frequency money maker!

I spent years going around in circles…. Seeking and Searching for the answers.

Not anymore. The processes I’m about to share with you will be life-changing. It was for me!

I now live in the SOVEREIGNTY frequency and have the time and money to
build my life the way I want it to be … in service to myself, my family and my divine purpose.

I remember when I couldn’t afford to pay my rent and had to move in with family!
I was ovvvverrrrr it!

I went from broke, living with my baby son at his grandmothers and working
for someone else to fully empowered up and on fire in less than a year
by following these processes.

I began to work with my own magical money muse, cleaning up my money relationship
and doing the same things that I’ll be teaching you – and everything changed.

I gave myself permission to move out of money stress and struggle and I haven’t looked back!

If you’re ready to ditch the poverty, I invite you to embrace your prosperity.

Ditch the old money story and create financial freedom today!



Here’s some of what you’ll find inside the Money Flow Intensive.

You’ll discover my proven processes to:

* say goodbye (& don’t let the door hit you on the backside as you leave) to your money fears and embrace your divine money muse

* create inspired income flows with sacred mystical practices

* clear your money blocks and embed supportive activations, beliefs and new ways of being with money

* write your new money relationship into reality

* awaken your money muse and learn to manifest like a magician

* clean up the physical and mental clutter of your past and
start a new empowered and abundant life!

* 10x your money manifesting abilities with this secret journalling and affirmation ‘tweak’
that I have only ever shared with my private high level clients

I signed up for the course not knowing that as it began I would unexpectedly become a single mother with no job and no ideas for how to move forward. I actually wondered whether the course would be a waste of time and this, as it turned out, could not have been further from the truth. Less than 2 weeks after completion of the course I am set up running my practice from home, writing my book, setting up workshops. Thank you Anne, I do not believe in coincidences. Thank you for introducing me to my Money Muse and for the practical exercises that made me aware of my financial capacity, to enable me to get on top of my financial situation in such a short time. I am eternally grateful.
Tanya Hicks

Because the Money Flow process leads you to being self accountable and when you learn those strategies to help you over or through your hurdles (instead of standing in front of them and contemplating them) you have the power (and I really do mean self-empowerment) to move through with confidence, grace and ease all on your own and at your own pace. I’ve loved this program, it’s honestly been transformational!
Marina McHutchison

This program helped me identify my blockages and deep feelings around money. With Anne’s support and the tasks assigned, I was able to clear the blockages and develop a much healthier relationship with money. I was able to find those income strategies that gave me joy instead of draining my energy.
Dorothy Krajewski

Imagine stepping into your divine prosperous financially empowered future!

Wouldn’t that change your life?


The Details : We start on 1st February 2018

This is an intensive daily program (with accountability) and throughout it you will receive the following
* high-level teachings
* spiritual activations
* energy work
* money manifesting processes
* practical tasks to get it right ‘this time’ and change your money relationship

The teachings will be contained within a member site which also houses a very unique accountability program which you will be required to complete daily in order to receive assistance and guidance when you need it.

Let’s face it, if you’ve been having a shitty relationship with money and can’t seem to change that, no matter how many money courses you do, the daily accountability might be just the thing you need in order to create change.

As soon as you pay you will redirected to the private Facebook group for interaction with other class members and to receive notification when classes drop into the member site (starting 1st Feb.).

Guarantee: If you purchase the Money Flow Intensive Course and commit to and do all the work including fully completing the daily accountability reporting and at the end of the program do not feel that the practical trainings, energy shifts, activations and other magical tools I provide you at this low price did not create even a little transformation in your money relationship I will provide a full refund (excluding private coaching sessions at VIP level). Anne Aleckson