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You are here for so much more and it's time to reclaim your power.

Let me help you to unlock your super-conscious mind and innate abilities and introduce you to your super-self as we raise your vibrational frequency, activate your greatness and channel the guidance you need right now to step into your SuperSelf powers.

Channeled Guidance, Insight & Healing Sessions

Book a channeled guidance session of 20 or 40 minutes and spend time with Anne and All-That-Is to receive answers to your questions and assist you to further activate and embody your SuperSelf and step into your full power as the creator of your reality. During the session you may receive galactic light healing, spiritual activations and vibration raising connections.

20 Minute Session




40 Minute Session




Frequently Asked Questions

The Multi-Dimensional You package is an intensive experience where we work within all the dimensional levels to upgrade your current  operating system follow by a month of support as you embody and become an Enlightened Changemaker. The Channeled sessions are designed to allow you to connect with your own soul and higher self as well as the group All-That-Is, a highly evolved guidance group to answer your questions, provide vibrational uplift and help you 'see' the higher perspective for you.

As soon as you book your session you will receive an email confirmation including the private link to our online meeting room and number to call within Australia). 

More importantly, within 24 hours of booking your session we (Anne and All-That-Is collectively) will connect with your 'super-self' and start the process of getting you vibrationally aligned to receive what you are seeking during your session. Once this process starts we cannot offer any refund as much of the work takes place in the 'etheric' realms before we meet in person. During the time leading up to your session you may notice that you are more emotional than usual and/or you may notice more energy around you than usual.. these things are normal and if you simply make note of anything significant that happens for or to you to ask about during your session. As an example: a client who was coming for a session recalled that the night before she had been walking home from the train and was overcome with emotion and thoughts about her father... her session was very healing for her around this. Another client, terminally ill, felt and saw angels working in her garden with her leading up to and before our session - she was greatly comforted.

Within 24 hours of your booking an appointment we (Anne and All-That-Is) start the process of vibrationally aligning you with your next level so after this time we do not offer refunds - if you desire to cancel after this time please contact us as oftentimes it is simply an 'next level limit' that you are feeling within your energy field and we can walk you through it.

You will find a link to reschedule your appointment on the confirmation email you will have received from Acuity when booking your session. If the link is no longer useable ie. within 24 hours of your session time, please reply to the confirmation email and request a reschedule. We are happy to do our best to accommodate your life and time constraints but can only offer a reschedule once.

As you might imagine with the spiritual work that we do it is not possible to guarantee any specific result or session feature. During a session you will be facilitated by Anne Aleckson and All-That-Is but be assured that they are acting on behalf or your higher self and soul ... you will not receive anything you should not and you will only receive that which is for your highest good.

Absolutely! You can send an email to [email protected] with all your questions. You will also find us in our Facebook community and page a couple of times a day so please post any questions or send a private message.


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