Anne Aleckson is Australia’s Leading Channel and CEO of Mystery School for Women.

As a direct voice medium or channel Anne works with the highly evolved non-physical stream of consciousness group All-That-Is providing guidance, insight and healing through the vibrational frequency of the spoken word.

Want to know more? Watch this Video Interview with Anne + All-That-Is

A contemporary spiritual teacher,  Anne is also the author of children’s book My Secret Superhero. She is a contributing author alongside Dr Wayne Dyer and other World leading spiritual / self empowerment teachers in the best selling The Path to Success book and contributed to the best-selling book 365 Ways to Connect with your Soul.

Anne contributes articles to various lifestyle and spiritual publications including Insight Magazine, Holistic Bliss, Lightworkers World and Australian Content Magazine amongst others. She has been featured in media throughout Australia including Body+Soul, Cleo, Thats Life, and more.

Anne is the creator of the MYSTERY SCHOOL FOR WOMEN providing teachings and trainings for the evolving human and activating innate abilities (spiritual gifts) within her students.

As an Alchemist (archetype) Anne transforms and evokes change in consciousness. Alongside being a catalyst for making inner and outer worlds collide she has the ability to change reality…often in an accelerated way. She believes in miracles and is entranced by meaningful co-incidences or synchronicities.

Slipping into her Innocent (archetype) Anne is often proclaimed to be a Pollyanna for her unwavering optimism and faith in the inherent good of mankind. Life does not have to be hard or complicated as far as Anne is concerned and is at its most enjoyable when simplified.

For Anne, life began again about 10 years ago.

As a recently divorced single mum to an almost adult son and a new baby boy Anne made a decision to find out if what she had been told about happiness was true.

She had heard that happiness was a choice and while it flew in the face of what she had been living it was worth exploring – if only to debunk the rumours.

Every book she read and every teacher of happiness she met spoke of meditation as the way to inner peace and happiness and during her earliest meditation experiences Anne started to hear words being spoken to her from somewhere deep within and yet very far away.

As a true practical and analytical Virgo Anne’s first thoughts were that she was losing her mind and at the same time she felt like she was being led home. Since then life has been lived in this paradoxical way; a life where there is no longer up OR down, left OR right, good OR bad, there is only and always this AND that!


Anne often speaks of her first days of connecting with the energy stream that speaks through her voice as being something that no-one should ever see (yes, the video’s are hidden); it is a mess of laughter, tears, snot and craziness as she bounced between feeling the highest of joys and the darkest of fears, questioning her sanity and all she had been taught in religious studies at school.

First came Dav’id who expressed the words ˜you are going higher’ as she felt herself lifted by the angels on the left and right of her.

Lifted into a pure white space and greeted by many thousands of energy beings and some she recognised as religious figures from her youth.

Untold numbers of beings of light expressing joy and love toward her and greeting her like old friends.

Next came Seth a collective energy stream who schooled her in the laws of creation, becoming a creator being and a new understanding and way of working with belief systems.

Then came the sleep of the dead – months of falling asleep the minute her head hit the pillow and waking with dreams of being in classrooms. Awakening one day to hear herself say ˜goodbye’ to whomever she had been with in her unconscious state.

A time of no dreams.

The Surgeon came forth to unlock her healing abilities and teach her how to allow the light energy to pour through her unbound to any earthly attachments.

Galaxy, the energy stream of feminine consciousness and the collective feminine walked with her through the Tantric ways as a means of healing from childhood sexual abuse and toward opening her own and others hearts to unlock pure love and inner power.

She came into her full feminine power and merged the twin flame within.

These days in session with clients many and various high vibrational consciousness streams and beings show up.. from Star families wishing to welcome their human family into higher dimensional life all the way through to long ago ancestors and past selves and into future selves who wish to guide us into our evolved future.

There have been many non-physical teachers and numerous teachings all culminating in the work Anne is honoured to do in this new age and the beginning of the evolutionary human – the human being walking this earth in fullness; physical and non-physical together, past and future together, multi-dimensional selves together. Connected into the stream of All-That-Is and human consciousness, this and that.