Go Direct with Your Guides

in just 5 days!

Imagine if you could easily and quickly communicate with your higher self and guides for practical real world answers to your everyday life and business questions…24/7!

In this 5 day video program you will learn how to:

  • communicate with your guides
  • ask the right questions in the right way
  • open to receive the answer you are looking for
  • experience a real connection with your higher self and guides

You’ll also experience an energy clearing and activation and a guided meditation
to journey to meet your guides.

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Hello Divine Mystic, may I walk awhile with you along your souls journey?

You are a Goddess of the New Age, a perfect blend of magic and reality, new world and old!

Perhaps you’ve been on your quest for a lifetime, or maybe you’ve just stepped out of the status quo and heard the whisper of your souls calling as a mystic, a lightworker, a spiritual sorceress! 

It’s been a rocky road so far.. hidden tests, trials of fire and getting down into the belly of the beast or experiencing your dark night of the soul.. sometimes you consider just closing your eyes and going back to sleep, that would be easier wouldn’t it!

This whole human experience of stress, struggle and lack gets you down but you know the prize at the end of this journey will be well worth all the courage, tenacity and blind faith it has taken you to get this far.

Let me hold your hand and walk with you awhile…I’ve travelled this journey and am here now to guide you on your own unique pathway so that you too can return triumphant to the Golden Age.

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Private Session

You are ready to ditch the karma drama, and step into your dreamy dharma, you have done the healing, learned the lessons, trained and been coached up the wazoo BUT still things are not going your way. Isn’t it time you allow your Higher Self to lead you toward a high vibrating out-of-this world experience of being truly seen from the inside out.

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Mystical MasterMind

Get out of your mind and into the magical MasterMind of All-That-Is! A monthly opportunity to ask your most pressing questions and receive guidance, insight and healing from beyond time and space and beyond the human condition of negative thinking, unhelpful belief systems, patriarchal societal patterns and old ways of being where you can  step into the new you.

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Mystery School for Women

Manifest Money, Magic and Mission by Invoking your Soul and it’s Super-powers. Imagine owning your next dimension power and healing your life as you welcome in more money, magic and your divine soul driven purpose every single day. This is profound radical  multi-dimensional ascension and your sovereign birthright as an awakening star goddess.

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What clients say

Anne's work is truly something spectacular, her ability to hone in on what you need to know now always hits home. I don't trust many people with my soul work because it is something I honour and cherish. I trust Anne wholeheartedly because her gifts are profound, her knowledge runs deep and she is a true conduit to infinite intelligence.
Renee Mayne

I've worked with Anne as my business coach for 3 months and my business and spiritual growth has expanded and niched beyond what I had thought possible. Working with Anne is being in the safest place you can imagine to be your true soulful and 'weirdest' self. My consciousness and heart have expanded working with Anne and I've dropped the fear of showing the world who I truly am. I am forever grateful.
Rebecca Gibson

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Go Direct with Your Guides for 24/7 answers to your questions

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